Welcome to the Colusa Mosquito Abatement Districts Web site!

The Colusa Mosquito Abatement District has been serving the people of Colusa and
surrounding areas for more than 50 years. Established in 1958, The District has gone through
many changes in the mosquito control industry. The District currently uses advanced control
equipment and products which are registered with the EPA, and follow a strict Integrated Pest
Management program. The certified personnel have the responsibilities to maintain mosquito
populations to low levels, within the Districts 160 square miles.
The Colusa Mosquito Abatement Districts mission is to protect the publics health from vector
borne diseases and nuisance, through a comprehensive mosquito and vector control program.
The Colusa Mosquito Abatement District uses an Integrated Pest Managemet plan to provide
the people of it's district with the latest control measures. These include Biological control, with
the use of Mosquito Fish (Gambusia), Chemical control, which is done with only EPA registered
materials, and Source Reduction.
Colusa Mosquito Abatement District
Mosquito Larvae
Mosquito taking blood meal
Mosquito Fish
Mosquito sources around the home
Information to the Public
The District asks the public to help by inspecting homes and yards thoroughly and remove any standing
water that may cause mosquito production. By a thorough inspection of the premises, various standing
water situations could be found, such as fish ponds, bird baths, tin cans, water cans, saucers under potted
plants, old tires, clogged roof gutters, abandoned pools, uncovered boats, leaking faucets, watering
troughs, rain barrels, street gutters, house cooling units, tree holes, and water in basements during wet
years. Pumping of these basements is very important as we progress into the mosquito season.

The District requests that the public refrain from over watering their lawns to the extent that water will run off
into the street gutters and remain standing. Any of these standing water situations may be reduced by the
home re
sident. If any problem is too large for the resident to correct, they may call the District for help in
resolving some problems.
Aerial control
Ultra Low Volume Coldfogger conducting ground control
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