About Our Business
The Colusa Mosquito Abatement District was formed in 1958. The
District covers 160 square miles, with 20 square miles in Sutter
county. There are three full time employees, and five seasonal
employees that provide control services to the district. Work is year
round, along with the control program throughout the spring and
summer months, employees are responsible for all maintenance of
equipment which occurs during the winter months. The normal
mosquito season runs from the first of April through the month of
November. The District works under the California Health and Safety
Code # 2200. Full time employees are certified and licensed with the
California Department of Public Health, Vector Borne Disease
The Colusa Mosquito Abatement District uses an Integrated Pest
Managemet plan to provide the people of it's district with the latest
control measures. These include Biological control, with the use of
Mosquito Fish (Gambusia), Chemical control, which is done with
only EPA registered materials, and Source Reduction.
The District implements an Integrated Pest Management
program which includes both a ULV spray and larvaciding
programs, using only EPA registered products. The control
program will  take place in the town of Colusa and outlying
areas within the district boundaries.
Mondays and Thursdays:                                                       Tuesdays and Wednesdays:
 Ground Control
                                                                                   Ground Control
Town and outlying houses                                                             Outlying areas within district     
Time: 8:00pm to 12:00am                                                             boundaries.
                                                                                                   Time: 8:00pm to 10:00pm   
Spray Dates and Times
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The town of Williams, and a radius of five miles surrounding the city, will be controlled by aircraft
on once a week starting the week of July 2nd until September 3rd. During the month of
September, control by air will be twice a week. All control will be done in the evening hours.
Once a week: July 2nd - September 3rd
Aircraft Control
Town of Williams and five mile radius surrounding the city
Twice a week: September 3rd - latter part of September
Aircraft Control
Town of Williams and five mile radius surrounding the city
Colusa Information
Williams Information
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